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Volunteer and Donations

Donations Needs



Pinellas Hope is grateful to PCC for our commitment to serving the residents every month with a meal.

Recently Pinellas Hope’s two lawnmowers have broken beyond repair and they are in need of new or used lawnmowers. If you or anyone in your congregations would like to donate a new or used lawnmower please contact Jeffrey Plooster, Program Coordinator, Pinellas Hope at (727) 316-1119

Volunteer Opportunities



The below guide is a list of all Volunteer Opportunities available at Pasadena Community Church.

If you still have questions on volunteer opportunities, please contact Anita Marshall at 727.381.2499 ext. 220

Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas County

Promotes healthy families living safe and affirmed in a supportive community.  Healthy Starts supports parents with healthy pregnancies, babies, and families by providing services and facilitating access to resources through community partnerships while advancing racial equity and cultural responsiveness.

In order for Health Start to live out this mission they need the following donations:

Paper Items (paper towels, Toliet Paper, and Kleenex) Hygiene products for children and adults, Cleaning Supplies

Pasadena Community Church continues to supply food bags from the food pantry so the weekly food donations will help fill these bags.


3 Ways to Donate to the Resurrection House

Fresh Food Pantry: Donations of gift cards to purchase items for the fresh food pantry or donations of fresh foods include fresh produce, dairy, frozen meat, and lunchbox staples like deli meat, bread, and snacks. 

Resource room: baby wipes, larger-sized diapers (3-5T), and dish soap. 

Gift Cards for Educational Journey: Walmart gift cards for $20 to $50 increments, so participants can start school programs. Many participants need scrubs or a particular type of shoes and clothing for their educational journey.

All Donations can be dropped off at the front office or can be brought to Worship on Sunday Mornings.