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Global Missions

Pasadena Community Church has covenants with 5 missionaries on 5 continents.

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

Missionaries are an extension of our love and ministry in Jesus’ name, to places where we cannot go and serve. Pasadena has a covenant to support each of these missionaries. We support these missionaries with our gifts and prayers.

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East Angola

Rev. Leonardo Garcia

is Professor of Theology, at the Quessua School of Theology in Angola and serves as pastor and mentor for the Central United Methodist Church there. He is also a Doctor of Medicine (internal) with the Quessua Mission Health Center. His Cuban wife, Dr. Cleivy Benitez Garcia, Doctor of Medicine (Pediatrics), serves at the clinic and with the church, since she too, is ordained clergy. They feed their family of 500 village children after worship every Sunday!

rex almquist photoAsia

Rex Almquist

our own Pasadena missionary is Director for South East Asian Relief, Inc. (SEAR, Inc.). His mission ministry over the years has stretched from refugee families in Pinellas County to children and youth in Vietnam! Much of his outreach overseas has been reduced, due to recent new restrictions, but his ministries with local Southeast Asians continue!

Delbert Groves and his wife, Sandy


Delbert Groves and his wife, Sandy

left Orlando to be missionaries in Africa. After 8 years in the Congo, they were relocated to Zambia, where they started the New Life Center, with a focus on evangelism, print shop, and PET industry (Personal Energy Transport).

Delbert is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Provisional Conference of Zambia. Sandy Groves, with a medical background, is serving at the Center in community health, evangelism, and teaches English. They have 4 adult sons and 4 grandchildren.

Rev. Charles Mulemena and Family


Rev. Charles Mulemena

formerly served with the Groves at New Life Center. When commissioned missionary with Global Ministries, he was assigned to Belem, Brazil, where he is the coordinator of the Council of Christian Churches in the Amazon Rain Forest region! Currently, he serves as pastor for 2 Methodist churches in Corozal, Belize. Charles and his wife, Barbara have 4 small children.


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