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Hospitality Ministry

To Serve God as we Serve others

two hands shakingCongregational Hospitality

Hospitality begins in the heart, not the oven. Hospitality Ministry is about more than food. It’s Table Time. The simple ways we let people know they matter and create space for them to belong to the Community of believers at Pasadena.


Wednesday Night Dinners

Each Wednesday, the Hospitality team prepares and serves a delicious hot meal weekly.

Sunday Breakfast

Quarterly, Hospitality hosts a breakfast on Sundays in Jerger Hall.

Let us know if you would like to help with food prep, set-up, check-in, serving, or clean-up!

people enjoying a meal and beverages together

Sit and Sip

Our hope is that as you walk into our Hamilton Auditorium on Sunday Mornings, for Sit and Sip, you feel welcomed to visit with others in an informal setting greeting friends, and welcome new guests by grabbing a coffee, lingering to chat, or heading to the sanctuary to find a seat.

Green Shirts

All churches have their differences and nuances. So, visiting a new one can bring on loads of questions. As you walk through our campus, you’ll notice people in green tees.

We affectionately call this group “Green Shirts.” They are there to answer any question you might have about Pasadena Community Church. (And if they don’t know the answer to your question, they can probably find someone who does.)


The Hospitality Ministry Team is a group of volunteers who lend their love, skills, and passion to serve others. Hospitality supports every ministry of the church so we have various volunteer opportunities.

Everyone is invited to join the Hospitality Team. To find out how you can join the Hospitality Team contact, Anita Marshall, through email or phone: (727) 381-2499 ext. 220