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Pasadena Community Church has a rich history dating back to its first worship service on March 25, 1925. Since its inception, the church has gone through significant changes and milestones.

Foundation and Early Years (1925-1930s): The church was founded in 1925, and its first worship service took place in what is now known as the Hamilton Auditorium. With only 20 members initially, the church aimed to be a place where people could encounter Jesus Christ, deepen their faith, experience a strong Christian community, and live out their faith in the world. In 1929, Dr. Rev. J. Wallace Hamilton played a pivotal role in the church’s history. His leadership marked a turning point for the small church, likely bringing new ideas and energy to the congregation.

Challenges and Growth (1930s-1940s): The church faced challenges during the Great Depression and World War II but managed to survive and flourish. By the late 1930s, the congregation had grown to the extent that overflow crowds had to be accommodated on benches outside the church, and some people even sat in their cars and listened to the service through loudspeakers.

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Innovation and Ecumenism (1950s-1960s): The church gained a reputation as a pace-setter and innovator. It broke away from traditional patterns of worship and embraced new approaches. Additionally, it played a role in bringing together people from various denominations at a time when ecumenism was not widely practiced in American Protestantism. 

Expansion and a New Sanctuary (1960s): The crowning point in Hamilton’s ministry came in 1960 when the new and present 2,000 seat sanctuary was consecrated. This expansion allowed for continued growth and accommodated the growing congregation’s needs. More than 7,000 people went to the service, even though only 2,000 could be seated inside the new building.

New Life Enrichment Center (2002): In 2002, the construction of the new Life Enrichment Center was complete, with its modern amenities aimed to cater to the needs of the congregation and the community. It represented a significant update to the church’s facilities.

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Throughout its history, Pasadena Community Church has maintained a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, attracting people from all walks of life. Pasadena is the church that encourages individuals to explore their faith, ask questions, build relationships with God and fellow believers, and serve the community. The church’s commitment to loving and caring for neighbors in the community and beyond has remained unchanged over the years.

Pasadena Community Church Senior Pastors

2023 – Nicole and Gary Logan

2019 – Corey A. Jones

2018 – Dan G. Johnson

2008 – Charles D. Reeb

2006 – James E. McWhinnie

1997 – Clifford V. Melvin

1988 – John A. Stroman

1976 – Edward W. Norman

1968 – Thomas C. Kelsey

1929 – J. Wallace Hamilton

1927 – E.L. David

1926 – J.E. Lewis

1925 – J.S. Lean