Finance Update


Giving to the mission of the church is a way of life and a tangible act of love for God and for our community.

Each year, members of Pasadena are invited to make a commitment, or gift, to the annual Operating Budget. This is the vital fund that supports all the programs and ministries and the church. This includes funding worship, programs for children and students, Bible studies, small groups, pastoral care and support, building and operational needs, and staffing.

We plan our ministry and mission through Pasadena by relying on your commitments to develop next year’s budget. As one church, we share an operating budget among all the programs and ministries of the church. Your giving to the Operating Budget ensures that Pasadena has the resources available to do ministry with excellence!


At Pasadena, there are many ways to give to a designated fund. These funds help support the ministries of Pasadena over and above your tithe to the Operating Budget. 

Give to a Designated Fund