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Heritage Celebrations

The life of Pasadena is guided by our mission, our vision, and our core values. Our core values are: Love (Belovedness), Acceptance, Diversity, Community, and Hospitality. As a way to live into these, as well as, our commitment to lifelong learning in our Vision, we are beginning to recognize and celebrate diverse Heritage months. 

This will look different from month to month and hopefully grow into meaningful celebrations and acknowledgments. You may see things on bulletin boards in the Narthex and Sanctuary, read facts or fun trivia in the Thursday Times, participate in church events, and be made aware of community events. 

The Heritage Month we celebrate in November is National Military Family Appreciation Month.

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National Military Family Appreciation Month

As we are now in the month of November, we are celebrating those in our community who have served in the military. And by that we mean the folks who were service members, but also their families. This month is a time when Americans honor and recognize the unique and difficult sacrifices and challenges family members of service members endure and make to support their loved ones in uniform. No matter what branch, what mission or area where the military and life has taken them, our nation’s military families know what it means to serve. And for that, Pasadena would like to say: thank you for your service, we see you, you are not alone, we are here to support you.

Honoring Heroes on the Home Front

“We must always be there for our service members and their families — just as they are there for us.. Through the thickest of fights and the darkest of nights, our extraordinary military families — our heroes on the home front — stand alongside our patriots in uniform and in their example we see the very best of our country’s spirit. During Military Family Month, let us thank them for their tremendous devotion to duty and for their unyielding sacrifice. Let us honor their resolve and patriotism and uphold our solemn responsibility to ensure the priorities of our Nation reflect the priorities of our military families.”

Barack Obama, in his speech after signing a Presidential Proclamation declaring November to be “National Military Family Month”

We invite all of our veterans and their families to join us to be recognized and thanked at our “A Night to Give Thanks” Dinner on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. under the portico of the Life Enrichment Center on Pasadena’s campus. 

But you must register to attend! Register here using this QR code! Or head to Realm or our Facebook for the link!

Contact Anita Marshall if you have questions or need help!

Check this out in our Sanctuary’s Narthex!

Our Servant Evangelism Team will be serving at the Bay Pines VA Medical Center on Wednesday, November 10th, doing some beautification for them for their Veterans’ Day celebration

11 Facts about Military Families:


1. Military spouses tend to be under 35 and are largely female.

2. Only 5% of military spouses are men.

3. Nearly 20% of service members in Iraq and Afghanistan experience acute stress, depression, and/or anxiety. Getting thank-you notes has a positive impact on soldiers’ moods. Send cards to deployed soldiers to let them know we appreciate their service! Sign up for Smiles for Soldiers.

4. Military families relocate 10 times more often than civilian families — on average, every 2 or 3 years.

5. Service members are more likely to be married at a younger age and have young children at home compared to their civilian counterparts.

6. Since 2001, more than 2 million American children have had a parent deployed at least once.

7. More than 900,000 children have experienced the deployment of one or both parents multiple times.

8. Children in military families experience high rates of mental health, trauma, and related problems. About 30% reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for 2 weeks during the past 12 months. Nearly 1 in 4 reported having considered suicide.

9. 37% of children with a deployed parent reported that they seriously worry about what could happen to their deployed caretaker.

10. Multiple and prolonged deployment also has an effect on spouses, with 36.6% of women having at least one mental health diagnosis compared to 30% of women whose husbands were not deployed.

11. Bereavement experts report that for each active duty military loss, an average of 10 people are significantly impacted. In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, an estimated 68,360 family members have been significantly impacted

Five Ways to Support Military Families:

  1. Volunteer your time. Maybe help run some errands for them. Take them out to dinner, mow their lawn, buy some groceries, watch their children so they can go get a massage. Do something kind and practical for them.
  2. Listen. Take the time to listen to your friend. Maybe they just need someone to talk to about what is going on and how they feel. Then you may also find out what the military spouse needs.
  3. Share their passion. Some of the most amazing military spouses I know spend tons of time volunteering with organizations or programs they think are important. Spend some time volunteering next to them as a way of showing that you care, too.
  4. Leave a care package at their door. Hit up TJ-Maxx and buy some supplies for the perfect bath (salts, scrubs, bubbles …) or put together a dinner and movie night in a basket complete with fun flick, popcorn and snacky movie candy.
  5. Get Involved with Operation Gratitude or similar organizations

Resources for Veterans and their Families:

  • Dial 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 to talk to someone
  • Send a text message to 838255 to connect with a VA responder
  • Start a confidential online chat session at
  • The Steven A Cohen Military Family Clinic at Aspire Health Partners in Tampa, FL 813-542-5500