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Elected Leaders

Pasadena's committees provide direct leadership over various areas of the church’s operations.

Who and what are the Church committees?

Elected leaders fulfill vital governance roles for Pasadena Community Church (Church). These committees are composed of a diverse group of Christ-followers from all campuses who seek to foster a vibrant, healthy, ethical and sustainable church that strives toward its purpose of “building a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.”

Below are the committee structure and key objectives. To learn more, reach out to

Serves as the chief governing body and the executive agency of the church between annual Church Conference meetings
  • Establishes vision, sets the direction, and initiates strategy planning for church’s mission and ministries
  • Provides for policy approval and oversight of the church’s administration
  • Ensures congregational development leads to the fulfillment of the church’s purpose
  • The Council is comprised of elected lay leaders, committee chairs, campus representatives, and staff.

Church Council Members

Gary Butler - Chair | Scott Russell - Vice Chair | Laura Turner - Secretary | Terry Buchert - Chancellor | Lisa Ross and Bill Smickle - Co-Lay Leaders | V Brunson, Ferdie DeVega - Lay Delegates | Chairpersons: Finance, Inclusiveness, Staff-Parish, Trustees, Vision Team, Preschool | Staff: Directors, Executive Directors, Pastors (Non-Voting)




Al Johnson

V Brunson

Jorge Angulo

Cris Jones

Ferdie DeVega

John Gainor

Tom Kaltenbaugh

Vicki Hale

Tony Hadley

Beth Sudduth

Bill Rahter

Dave McConnell

Kevin Weston

Kathy Wilson

Marsha Scholle

Karen Workman


Bill Smickle

Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. of even months (Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec.) in Hamilton Auditorium

Oversees the church’s real, personal, and intellectual property
  • Establishes policies and practices regarding receipt, management, and disposal of church property
  • Reviews plan for strategic building investments, e.g., roofing, asphalt, HVAC, audio/visual equipment, IT equipment
  • Oversees land acquisition and construction planning for current and future sites
  • Reviews the Church’s plans for insurance, continuity, and protection

Board of Trustees Members

KC Jones - Chair | Joe Borgia - Co-Lay Leader | Gary Logan - Associate Pastor




John Davenport

Paul Gifford

Vance Eaddy

KC Jones

Teresa Livingston

Bob Sleepy

Richard Price

Julie Plata

Rev Sidney Tompkins

Meeting Time: 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in LEC Conference Room A/B.

Serves as the liaison between the congregation and its employees and clergy
  • Oversees the church’s compensation, employment, and benefit practices
  • Evaluates and recommends clergy candidates from our congregation
  • Connects with existing staff to understand employee satisfaction
  • Makes recommendations to the Annual Conference regarding the appointment of pastors to the Church


Committee on Staff-Parish Relations Members

Dan Younkman - Chair | Donna Witts - Vice Chair | Joe Borgia - Co-Lay Leader




Ryan Bresler

Donna Witts

Suzy Dross

Andrea Long

Roger Plata

Bob Honaker

Jan Shendock

Dan Younkman


Planning, administration, and oversight of fiscal policy
  • Oversees budget and financial health of the church
  • Reviews and approves the annual financial audit
  • Develops plans to fund future building improvements, campus growth, and other needed investments

Committee on Finance

Tim Hobbs - Chair |  Kelly Hermes - Vice Chair  | Joe Borgia - Co-Lay Leader

Dan. Younkman - SPRC Rep.  | KC Jones - Trustees Rep. |  Ron Braun - Foundation Trust Rep.




Kelly Hermes

Dan Crow

Kim Dean

Tim Hobbs

Christopher Thompson

Ray Sidewell


Tony Witts


Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m in LEC Conference Room A/B.

Cultivates planned gifts to ensure the church’s future
  • Encourages legacy gift contributions that support the ministry of the Church
  • Fosters donor relationship development
  • Receives, invests, and distributes the Foundation’s assets for the benefit of the church’s mission

Ron Braun - Chair






Thom Whitmill

Bill Rahter

Jody Eaton

Sloan Losch

Rob Bauman

Meeting Time: Called As Needed



Committee on Lay Nominations and Leadership Members

Rev. Corey Jones - Chair  | Lisa Ross and Bill Smickle - Co-Lay Leaders




Ron Braun

John Cole

Jackie Francis

Hazel Creveling

Rose Oeschger

Carmen Low

Cindy Oates

Bea Rahter

Bud Ogden

Meeting Time: Called As Needed

Committee on Inclusiveness Members

Al Tompkins - Chair |  Lisa Ross - Co-Lay Leader  | ??? - SPRC Rep. | Allan Ross - Mission Rep.




Hazel Creveling

Joe Borgia

Sara Koback

Carybeth Hobbs

Ferdie DeVega

Jane Krug

Brooks Wilson

William Jones

Debby Lewis

Suzy Dross

Al Tompkins

Faniel Pradel

Meeting Time: 2nd Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in LEC Classroom 1A/1B

Preschool Advisory Council Members

Mike Hichens - Chair  | ??? - Vice Chair | Joe Borgia - Co-Lay Leader

Kelly Hermes - Finance Rep. | Andera Long - SPRC Rep. | Paul Gifford -  Trustee Rep.

Gino Cote’ - Director |  Rev. Gary Logan - Associate Pastor | Mary Allen - Director of Children’s and Family Ministries



Mike Hitchens

Paul Gifford - Trustees

Kelly Hermes, Finance

Andrea Long - SPRC

Allison, Non-PCC

Brittany Taft

Cheryl, Non-PCC

John Taft

Meeting Time: 1st Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m.



Vision Team Members

Scott Russell - Chair | ??? - Vice Chair | Lisa Ross - Co-Lay Leader



Tony Hadley

Juan Flores

Scott Russell

Robin Hinaman

Tina Wood

Lauryn Taylor



Meeting Time: Called As Needed

Executive Council Members

Church Council Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Co-Lay Leaders | Chairpersons: Finance, Staff-Parish, Trustees, Vision Team, Preschool | Pastors: Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Executive Directors




Gary Butler - CC

KC Jones - BOT

Al Tompkins - Inclusive

Joe Borgia – CO-LL

Mike Hitchens - PAC

Lisa Ross - CO-LL

Dan Younkman - SPRC


Tim Hobbs - Finance

Scott Russell - VT



Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday of odd months (Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov.)