This page is set up to keep Pasadena Community Church Informed of the happenings with the Master Plan that was approved at the October 30, 2022 Church Conference.


This committee was established by the Board of Trustees with the purpose of providing a continuing assessment of the future needs of Pasadena Community Church to ensure the Church’s future.
The Committee will work alongside Churches by Daniels to implement the master plan that was approved at the Church Conference on October 30, 2022.

Long-Range Planning Committee Members

Scott Russel - Chair

Al Tompkins, Historian to the Master Plan (Non-Voting Member)




Robb Bauman, Member of Foundation Trust 

Gary Butler, Chair of Church Council

Joe Borgia, Co - Lay Leader

Rev. Corey Jones, Senior Pastor

V Brunson, Member of Church Council

KC Jones, Chair of Board of Trustees

Paul Gifford, Member of Board of Trustees


Angie Hadley, Dir. of Children Ministries


Al Johnson, Church Council Member


Rev. Gary Logan, Associate Pastor


Scott Russell, Vice Chair of Church Council, Chair of Vision Team


7 Objectives

  1. Reduce annual operating costs
  2. Make facilities functional to the Mission and Vision
  3. Maximize ministry potential
  4. Ensure long term vitality
  5. Raise funds for Master Plan
  6. Preserve history
  7. Build for the future
  • Life Enrichment Center (LEC)
    • To meet certification standards for new Preschool location; Maintains the same number of students
    • Kitchen remains
    • Gymnasium for Recreation and Preschool activities remains
    • Thrift Store moves to LEC location
    • Food Pantry remains
    • Meets Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Compliance
  • Renovate the Hamilton Building
    • New/updated classrooms for youth, young adults and adults
    • New updated children’s space with indoor playground and secured for safety
    • Staff offices move to Hamilton
    • Chapel remains; size adjusted, AV upgrade
    • Elevator (to meet ADA requirements)
    • Hamilton Auditorium remains with minimal changes
    • Bathrooms updated;
    • New bathroom on 3rd floor
    • Outside Gathering Area with playground (young families)
  • Gathering Space
    • Joins Sanctuary with Hamilton Building
    • New Covered drive
    • Café
    • Archive Area
  • Renovate the Sanctuary
    • Build a new perimeter wall takes seating to aprox. 600 seats
    • Creates production room for Audio Visual
    • AV Upgrade
    • Audio/Visual now environmental controlled
    • Creates a family room for young families
    • Creates a foyer walk around the sanctuary as additional gathering area
    • Build a pastoral room/robing room and or family meeting room on the northside foyer.
  • Maintenance Building
    • New Maintenance Structure and/or additional ministry needs.

Master Plan Estimated Cost

Hamilton $5,000,000   $6,000,000
LEC                        $1,600,000   $2,000,000
Welcome Hall/Gathering $1,300,000   $1,600,000
Sanctuary $750,000   $1,000,000
Maint Bldg. $100,000   $100,000
   $  8,750,000    $ 10,700,000


Soccer Field Property  $3,330,000
Preschool, McCormick, and Nelson Buildings $3,990,000
   $  7,320,000


Building Operating Budget  Cost COST
2022 Budgeted Facilities Operating Expenses $481,097
Facilities Non-Operating repair expenses - 3 year average (2019-2022) $168,008
Total annual facilities expense $649,105

This is an annual savings of $ 194,732, an estimated 30% reduction