How to Join PCC

There are three ways to join our congregation. Come join us for an exploration class and learn what we stand for and how you fit in.

Call Julie Miano for details, (727) 381-2499 x 210.


3 Ways to Join

Profession of Faith and Baptism

Begin your life of faith in Jesus Christ by receiving Christian baptism. Baptism is a symbol of God’s grace and a mark of your life as a Christian. It is an indication that you believe in Christ, want to be a part of His church, and intend to lead a new life as God enables you. To be baptized, contact one of the pastors or the church office to set up a time to explain the meaning to you and schedule your baptism.

Transfer from another United Methodist Church

Our church invites you to become a part of this congregation in our community so that you can attend worship and serve with our people. The church office handles the paperwork with your previous congregation.

Transfer from another Christian Denomination

United Methodists accept your Christian baptism from another denomination and do not require you to be re-baptized to join our church. We welcome you into our congregation as a full participating member.

Answers to Common Questions


I’m not a Methodist; can I still join PCC?

Yes, in fact, many people who join Pasadena Community Church come from many different faiths. If you have been baptized, we accept your baptism and your belief in Jesus Christ and warmly welcome you to join.

Do I have to attend a membership class before I can join?

It’s a good idea but we don’t require it. Our membership classes are about an hour and everything gets done in a single session. We will explain the structure of our church’s organization, we will explain church finances and answer any question you have about what Methodists believe. We will encourage you to “get plugged in” to the life of the church and offer ideas on how to do that. These classes are held about every other month or more often if needed. Just call the church office to get the time and date of the next session. Those who are joining from another UMC sometimes join, then attend the class, which is fine with us too.

When can I join?

Any Sunday that you feel the Spirit moves you. Just come down front at the end of the service. It works best for the pastors if they know you are coming so they can have welcome packages already filled out, but if you have not made an appointment, don’t let that stop you if you feel you are ready.

What is expected of church members?

Don’t join just to get you name on the rolls of the Church. Join because you want to be a full active member of this family. We will ask you to agree to:

  • attending worship regularly
  • growing in your personal journey of faith
  • serving the Lord in the congregation, the local community and the world
  • giving in proportion to your income
  • sharing your witness by upholding and living out your membership vows

What are the membership vows?

When you join, one of the pastors will ask you some questions that you will answer publicly.

“Will you be loyal to the United Methodist Church and uphold it by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness?”


We pray because we need God’s guidance in order to be the church. When we pray for each other, our church, our community and our world we express our dependence on God do that we might in turn express the will and compassion of Christ.


Our presence is our visible witness to our faith. Our presence in church and in worship is where we find inspiration, guidance, hope, comfort, strength, and peace. We live out our witness in our community where we live, work, and play. Our presence should be an expression of our commitment to Christ in all aspects of our life.


We give of our gifts as a thankful response for all God has given us. This serves to remind us of our role as stewards over what God has entrusted to us. Systematic giving helps to establish and maintain ministries that are made possible only through the individual gifts of many.


To uphold the church through our service is to follow the example of Christ who came not to be served, but to serve. God had given us certain gifts and abilities and sharing these gifts is a means of sharing ourselves with love and gratitude for God and one another.


To share your witness is to live a life in Christ and share God’s love and grace with the people and community surrounding you. Sharing these gifts in your work, in your schools, in your life’s activities is to live out a life in Christ.