Student Loans

Our church has a student loan fund and 3 college scholarship funds that are administered by the Student Loan Committee of PCC. It is the mission of the Hamilton-Roughgarden Student Loan Committee of Pasadena Community Church to encourage students to further their education by providing financial assistance through loans and scholarships to students in need for tuition and other educational program expenses during the time of their schooling, and to oversee the repayment of such loans after their training.

The Miller Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to give someone learning a trade a chance. Grants for an applicant selected by the PCC Student Loan Committee are eligible for a grant up to $400 per semester.

The Hamilton-Roughgarden Student Loan Fund was established in the 1930’s by late Dr. and Mrs. J. Wallace Hamilton to give a helping hand for college or vocational training to youth and adults furthering their education. It was supported by profits from the sale of Dr. Hamilton’s printed sermon pamphlets, as well as, a trust from the Roughgardens and other donations through the years.

The Tallmadge Scholarship Fund established in 1983, is awarded to upperclassmen, either undergraduate, or graduate who are members of PCC. The student shall be nominated by a PCC member with a letter of recommendation attached to his/her application. A personal interview before the committee is required. All applicants must maintain a 3.5 GPA. Awards will be given by increments of $500 per semester, up to $1,000 per academic year.

The Whittlesey Endowment Trust was founded to help those wanting to go into the Methodist ministry. First priority will be given to members of PCC. If none apply, the application process is expanded to include all Methodist church members. If none apply, the application is further expanded to include all churches in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.

How To Apply

The Fund is administered by the Student Loan Committee of Pasadena Community Church, which meets 3 times per year to consider applications. Students are asked to submit their applications by November 15 for Spring Semester, April 15 for Summer Semester and July 15 for Fall Semester.

Anyone planning to attend college or vocational school who is a member or directly related to a member of PCC may apply for a loan. In granting loans the Committee will follow guidelines regarding academic standing, membership and activity in the church, and the availability of money for loans.

Download Application-Apply Online.

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Complete and mail it in – or you may complete the Application online and e-mail it to the Committee’s Secretary.

Choose the approach that’s most convenient and comfortable for you.

The limit for loans is $1,600 a semester for two semesters in a 12 month period. Each loan must be applied for separately. The maximum lifetime loan amount is $12,800.

The Committee requests that a photocopy of the student’s latest high school or college grades and a picture of the student be attached to the original application. A student’s application also requires the names of two (2) financially responsible co-signors, who along with the student must sign a promissory note, each acknowledging responsibility for repayment. One or both co-signers may be parents.

To accompany the application, the Committee requests the student write a short letter outlining his or her plans, the number of semester hours to be carried, and anticipated time required to complete school.

If after review of an application the Committee deems it advisable, the student will be asked to come in for an interview with one or more of the Committee members.

While the student is in school, taking advantage of the Loan fund, the Committee expects a photocopy of the student’s grades at the close of each semester.

The Committee does review semester grades and expects students to maintain good academic standing. Failure to do so will result in review by the Committee.

Once funds are issued the student has the responsibility for notifying the Student Loan Committee of any address changes and of the date of graduation, completion or separation from school, with the note becoming due and payable six (6) months after that date.

After six (6) months, the note may be paid off in full with no interest, OR a repayment schedule may be set up and a new installment promissory note executed. Interest will begin running at one percent (1%) per year on a note maturing in four (4) years, OR five percent (5%) interest on a seven (7) year note. An amortization schedule will be provided according to the terms of the note. If any scheduled payment becomes delinquent for more than ninety (90) days, the interest rate will be raised to eight percent (8%) for the remainder of the term of the loan.

If you have any questions, please email:

Petie Mizell, Student Loan Committee Secretary [email]  or  Bill Rahter, Chair of the Student Loan Committee [email]