Caregivers Support

Tuesdays: 5:30pm     LEC Conference Room C

Wednesdays: 9:30am     LEC Conference Room C

Do you find yourself “caring” for the health concerns of another? Is it overwhelming sometimes? If so, consider coming to one of Pasadena Community Church’s Care Giver Support Groups which meet in our Life Enrichment Center, located at 227 70th St. South [directions].

Both groups are open to the public and provide a confidential setting for those attending to share their experiences, joys, and concerns of “care giving” with others in like situations.

The person being cared for may be a relative or just a good friend. It is not necessary that the individual reside in the same house with you, or even the same state, for you to be considered a “care giver.” Our focus is primarily directed toward those caring for a parent, spouse, or loved one as they show signs of needing more “care” due to dementia related diseases. However, if you are caring for an adult with a non-dementia illness you may also find benefit in attending one of our support groups.