Pasadena offers an assortment of Bible studies and Small Groups with different days and times to accommodate those interested in furthering their knowledge of God’s word through the Bible.

Chronological Study of Bible (LEC Conf. Room B) Wednesdays – 6:30pm

Students of Scripture Bible Study (LEC Conf.  Room C) Thursdays – 10:00am

The Seekers (LEC Library) Wednesdays – 10:00am

Small Groups on Sunday mornings offer Bible study as well. See the list below for the different adult groups offered. The curriculum varies so please visit a group for more information.

  • Chi Rho (LEC Conf Room A) 9:30am
  • Faith Lessons (LEC 3BC) 10:00am
  • Fusion (Hamilton J) 10:00am
  • Horns & Halos (LEC 1AB) 10:00am
  • Friends in Faith (LEC Conf Room C) 10:00am