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Charley here with a PCC Hurricane Recovery Update:

 The donations you brought to church last week are in north Naples. We combined our four truckloads of water, food, diapers and even pet food with donations from other local churches. Pasadena sent an emergency load to Naples Sunday and the rest of the supplies including an entire trailer of water roll out Monday.

Naples and the migrant community of Immokolee was devastated. We saw many houses under water, there is a countywide boil water order. That’s why we took a load of food and water.

We saw utility crews from as far away as Canada and Denver rolling in like military convoys.

As we told you earlier, we delivered 94 flood buckets to the Fishhawk/Lithia community east of Tampa on Saturday. They told us it was the worst flooding they have seen there since before World War 2. Those buckets were being handed out starting today.

You donated your resources and time even when you were stretched.  We are so very thankful. Methodists come through and Pasadena Community Church will be right there in the middle of it…count on that!




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